(Below) Installation view, Valerie Beston Painting Prize solo exhibition, concrete cast waiting room seating, poster, silver gelatine prints, ceramic traffic cones, dimensions variable, 2013, Malborough Fine Art, Allbermarle Street, London​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Inkjet print and oil paint on ply
Inkjet print and oil paint on ply
(Above) Untitled, UV inkjet print on plywood, oil paint, 190cm x 120cm. (Top right) Untitled, UV inkjet ink on HIPs plastic. ​​​​​​​
(Above) Consummate 1, 2013, screen print, Jealous Gallery Prize,  (Now in permanent print collection of The Victoria & Albert Museum).
(Above)  Brothers / After Homer Simpson, HIPS plastic, UV inkjet print. (Installation View) First Decade, Valerie Beston Prize ten year anniversary painting exhibition, Marlborough Fine Art, London, 2018
(Below) Installation view, Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place, in collaboration with the Stanley Picker Archive, House and Gallery. Pulsing neon Alfred Tennyson quote, concrete furniture, pleated scaffold curtaining, dimensions variable.  6 Carlos Place, London, 2016. In permanent location at Jason Atherton's Michelin star Social Eating House and Blind Pig Cocktail Bar, Soho. 
(Below left) La Jalousie, CNC Milled Corian 'Book', 2013. (Below left) Keep Calm and Carry On, After Hollis Frampton. Hand printed silver gelatine print, 110cm x 150cm.
(Above) (Detail) La Jalousie, CNC Milled Corian 'Book', 2013.
(Below) Royal College of Art MA exhibition, with generous support from Christiane Kubrick. Images ⓒ Stanley Kubrick Archive and Collection.  Typewritten and annotated text by Stanley Kubrick, wax cast canvas with blinking HAL9000 inset model, HIPS plastic architectural fragment, advertising light-box with latex interior, dimensions variable. 
As seen in Attitude and Crotch magazine
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